How to Check NYSC Relocation Status & Print it Out [Working 100%]

How to Check NYSC Relocation Status & Print it Out [Working 100%] (NYSC Redeployment status)


Are you among the NYSC members asking how do I check my NYSC relocation status? Also, are you among the people searching how do I print my NYSC relocation letter? Here, in this article, you will learn to Check NYSC Redeployment Status and more. Ensure you read this post to the end.

After your NYSC relocation application, you must check the status of your application for approval. Here’s how to check your NYSC redeployment status and print your redeployment letter.

What is NYSC Redeployment/Relocation?

The transfer of a corps member from one state to another for service is known as an NYSC relocation/redeployment. However, the relocation can be for some reasons, such as marriage, safety, and health. Redeployment is another term for NYSC relocation.

For Example: If Rita has been deployed to serve in Borno State, she can request to be relocated to a more convenient state, such as Lagos.

Can NYSC Relocation Be Done Twice?

Yes! A Nigeria Youth Service Corp member can request for relocation as many times as he/her wishes. In any case, NYSC may relocate Corp members as many times as they want.


How to check your NYSC Redeployment Status

Here are the steps to check your NYSC relocation status;

  1. Go to the NYSC portal at,
  2. Log into your dashboard with your E-mail address and Password,
  3. Once logged in, scroll down. You will see a relocation icon,
  4. Click on “relocation.”
  5. Once you click on “relocation”, your relocation application status will be shown. You can scroll down to read your application status.
  6. In the case of not being relocated, an indication will appear such as “Pending.
  7. However, if you have been relocated, you will see “Congratulations!” Your application has been approved”

Please note that you cannot see the state where NYSC has relocated you unless you pay the sum of 1000.00 Naira to print the relocation letter.

How to print NYSC Relocation letter

To print your relocation/redeployment letter, follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. On your dashboard, click here on “pay and print your relocation Letter”.
  2. Select the payment option by clicking on the field. It will display payment confirmation,
  3. Under Remita Status, click “pay now”.
  4. Confirm your details.
  5. Click the “proceed to payment”.
  6. Enter your ATM card details.
  7. Click on “pay NGN 1176”.
  8. There is a commission charge of N176 plus N1000.

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