How to Start Piggery in Nigeria 2021[ Working Method]

How to Start Piggery in Nigeria 2021

Pig farming, also known as piggery, is a profitable part of the agricultural business in Nigeria. It gives opportunity to make money on a daily. If you are into pig farming, you can hardly run out of money again especially if you know what you doing.

The high demand for pork in Nigeria is the main reason why pig farming will benefit you. Another good reason to go into pig farming is that bred in a multitude and grows super-fast.

A single pig can give birth to 10 to 12 piglets at a time, making it one of the most reproducible farm animals on the planet.

Piglets are also called shoat or farrow. The male is also known as a boar, while the female is a sow. A team of pigs is called a herd or drove.

Despite the maximum return on investment in pig farming, many Nigerians remain clueless about this billion-dollar farming business.

While some still question the success of pig farming, minority Nigerians who are in the business are already cashing out from pig farming.

As a pig farmer, you can sell a mature pig for up to N50,000, depending on its weight. At present, if you can raise at least 100 pigs to maturity, you will make nothing less than N5 million from sales.

If you can raise 1,00 pigs a year, you will make about N50 million. Given the rate at which pigs reproduce, it will not be hard to raise 100 pigs a year.

The question now is How to Start Piggery in Nigeria 2021. Below is some best equipment for fig farming in Nigeria.

Best Tips on How to Start Piggery in Nigeria 2021

Get a Suitable Farmland for Your Pigs

If you are getting started in pig farming, getting a piece of the land best way to start. For a large-scale pig farm, five plots of land will be rewarding, as it will allow the pigs to graze outdoors and then retreat to the pen, where they will continue to feed and play.

When setting up a pig farm, the land is the most important capital. When you get land to raise pigs, you are halfway to be a successful pig farmer.

Buying farmland in a remote area can save you a lot of money. An acre of land in a village area should cost about N200,000 base on your location.

Sometimes butchers may also be interested in buying your ranch, so you don’t have to pay transportation costs. Getting a large farm helps the pigs develop, as they will be able to graze and work their bodies while feeding.

Building modern pens for your Pigs

Building a large pen is essential if you don’t want your pigs to get sick so quickly. A large, fully equipped pen can save you a lot of money that you would otherwise have spent on disease treatment.

A proper drainage system is vital to prevent the pen from being sprayed with water, as this may attract disease vectors.

If you do not want your pigs to get dirty, it is essential to build a spray pool, which is necessary for their well-being.

Buy Best Pig Breeds Suitable for Pig farming business

Conducting a thorough pig survey can also help you save a lot of money. You will lose a lot of money if you buy pigs without getting the best breed for the pig farming business. Consider buying piglets that have already been vaccinated.

It is best to start with a small number of piglets and increase gradually. In this way, you will be able to study all the details of the pig farm and, therefore, risks will reduce.

Checking, vaccinating, proper feeding, and nutrition will require the services of a veterinarian.

Below are some pig breeds good for piggery.

  • Large white pig
  • Duroc pig
  • Landrace pig
  • Pietrain pig
  • Yorkshire pig
  • Hampshire pig
  • Tamworth Pig
  • Meishan pig
  • Berkshire Pig
  • Poland China Pig

Get the Best Feed for Your Pigs

The most crucial aspect of commercial pig production is feeding pigs with a feed of high nutritional quality.

Feeding pigs keeps them healthy and allows them to grow and gain weight faster. Pigs can eat almost anything, but some feeds are more nutritious than others. You can feed them commercial pig feed or make your own.

I strongly recommend fermenting the feed for three days before feeding it to the pigs, whichever method you choose. Fermented feed is more nutritious and healthier and increases their weight.

Diseases And Preventions

Pig production depends on the health of the pigs. When all the pigs are healthy, pigs on the farm are more productive and profitable.

If strange symptoms like lack of appetite, diarrhea, eye discharge, excessive coughing, hernia, dry skin and irregular spots on the skin surface, abnormally long coat, visible backbone, etc., pigs should not be slaughtered.

It is best not to butcher pigs that have received antibiotics for more than 20-46 days. Consult a veterinarian before euthanizing them for investigation. Antibiotics in pigs take a long time to break down in the blood and are harmful to humans.

In conclusion, If you want to go into commercial Pig farming, especially in Nigeria, you read and pay attention to How to Start Piggery in Nigeria 2021 before you begin.

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