Npower Deployment Letter Missing Passport Solution [Working 100%]

Npower Deployment Letter Missing Passport Solution [Working 100%]


Are you among the Npower Batch C beneficiaries having a missing passport issue on their Npower Deployment Letter? If your answer is yes! This guide is for you ensure to read to the end.

Npower team has set the 4th of October 2021 as the date for the resumption of PPAs. Furthermore, all beneficiaries of Batch C (stream 1) should report to their Place of Primary Assignment on the 4th of October 2021.

In many cases, batch C volunteers whose deployment letters were printed found that their passports were missing.

However, the missing passport on the deployment letter is a problem from the Npower Nasims portal. However, some Npower beneficiaries who printed deployment letters, some saw passports, while others didn’t.

Moreover, if your deployment letter omitting your passport, the error shouldn’t bother you since it is probably related to a loading glitch within the Npower portal. Continue reading for the solution below.

Solution To the Missing Passport on Npower Deployment Letter

In the deployment letter, the beneficiary’s passport must be visible.

Many volunteers have been restless because of this, but this isn’t an issue because it has a solution.


All you have to do is to proceed with the PPA signing/acceptance process.

After being signed, attach a clear passport photograph to the space provided before uploading back to the Nasims portal.

How to Upload Npower Deployment Letter on Nasims Portal

Once your Deployment Letter or PPA Letter has been signed and accepted by your supervisor, it is time to upload it back to the NASIMS Portal.

Here are some simple steps you can take to accomplish that;

  1. Scan the signed letter.
  2. Go to to log in to your NASIMS Portal.
  3. On your dashboard, upload the signed letter.

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