Npower Nasims Payroll Tab: Payment Date Not Available Here Is Why!

Npower Nasims Payroll Tab: Payment Date Not Available Here Is Why!


Are you among the Npower batch C beneficiaries confused about the payroll page on the Npower Nasims dashboard? If that is the case! Then pay attention to this post.

We’ll take you on a learning tour by describing the new Npower Payroll feature on the NASIMS dashboard. DO you see payment data not available on your Nasims dashboard? If you do! Then you’re on the right page to get the vital information about what the Npower payroll tab entails.

Some Npower Batch C beneficiaries who have completed all the recruitment stages and have seen “PASS” on their Nasims profile dashboard were curious what the payroll entry means on their dashboard. However, this article explains it.

Npower Payroll on Your Nasims Dashboard: What does it mean?

The Npower payroll is a list of Npower beneficiaries and a record of the stipends they will receive. Payroll entries will appear on the beneficiary and applicant dashboards, but only beneficiaries get the monthly payments.

As a Npower beneficiary, you will be eligible to receive a payment if your profile status as a Npower beneficiary has passed. If your profile is still pending, you may have a problem with your physical verification, however, this may delay your stipend.

The insertion for Npower Batches A and B used to be “enrolled and payment history,” but there are some changes now to “approved and payroll” for Batch C.

As indicated in your most recent payment update, the paycheck in your profile shows that Npower staff is in the process of updating your payment dashboard.


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Npower Nasims Payroll Page – What Payment Data Not Available Means

When you visit the payroll page and do not see any payment data, it simply means that your payment history has not been updated, and you should not worry because you have not yet received any payments to record on the payroll page.

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