Thewatchcartoon: Illegal Website to Watch Cartoons Online Free 2023

Thewatchcartoon: Illegal Website to Watch Cartoons Online Free 2023


Can I still watch cartoons online for free on Thewatchcartoon? Is the Thewatchcartoons website still running? Do you want to know if Thewatchcartoon tv is still the best place to watch Cartoon online? If yes! Continue reading.

In this article, we will explain how to watch cartoons online for free. You can stream Cartoon online for free. Remember that it is illegal to use a free streaming site to watch cartoons online for free; you may face legal consequences.

Thewatchcartoon is one of the best platforms to watch and stream cartoons online free without having to register or subscribe. What do you think about this free cartoon streaming platform? Hope you like it without further ado continue reading to find out more about this platform.

Thewatchcartoononline Tv Review

You can watch anime and cartoons for free at Thewatchcartoon. At, you will get a new release, free and classic Cartoons, and Anime movies. On the website, you can also watch cartoons online, including the latest and old cartoons free.


The ability to watch online cartoons, online animation movies, and famous cartoons without having to pay anything is one of the main advantages of the website to watch cartoons online for free.

How To Watch Cartoons for Free on Thewatchcartoon

Here are the steps to watching cartoons for free.

  • Go to on any browser of your choice
  • On the homepage, click Cartoons
  • On the next page, the alphabet will display.
  • Click on any letter to display the movie list.
  • Now, click any movies of your choice
  • Afterward, navigate down and click the cartoon name under Episode List again
  • Now, scroll down and click the play button to start watching.

Does Thewatchcartoon have an App?

No, the WatchCartoonOnline mobile application is no longer accessible because the WatchCartoonOnline site has been disconnected from the Internet. All activity on the streaming site has been disconnected. But if you want to watch cartoons on a legitimate site. There are several legitimate streaming services we will show you in this post where you can sign up for a free trial and watch cartoons for free.

18 Best Legal and Safe Cartoon Streaming Sites (Free & Paid) 2023

Is WatchCartoonOnline Still Online?

No, the WatchCartoonOnline site is no longer online on the Internet and there are no plans to host it back. Anime streaming sites such as WatchCartoonOnline are considered illegal. Due to their illegal actions and anime piracy. WatchCartoonOnline’s free anime streaming services have been shut down from the Internet. Several of its clone sites, such as,, and watchcartoonsonline. la,,, and others, are no longer connected to the Internet.

Thewatchcartoon Top Cartoon Categories

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