How To Upload Npower Acceptance Letter on NASIMS Portal [Latest Info]

How To Upload Npower Acceptance Letter on NASIMS Portal


Are you among the candidates their names appear on the Npower deployment list? Do you want to know how to upload the Npower acceptance letter 2021 on the Npower portal? However, this article will provide you with step-by-step guidelines you will follow on uploading the Npower acceptance letter.

In this post, we’ll show you how to upload a Npower 2021 Deployment letter and also show the letter sample format.

Npower had asked all the successful applicants to print the PPA letter. However, Npower now requires all deployed candidates to upload an acceptance letter on their dashboard.

Are you among successfully shortlisted candidates for the Npower Batch C Stream 1 or 2 who has been deployed? You can easily upload your acceptance letters on your dashboard via NASIM Portal. Just follow the instructions on this article, and you will be able to do so.

What is Npower Acceptance Letter 2021?

The NPower Acceptance Letter is a deployment letter that appears on the NASIMS NPower dashboard and is downloadable so that you can print and take it to your PPA supervisor for signing and accepting before uploading it back to NASIMS Deployment Portal.

Upload Npower Acceptance Letter on NASIMS Portal

However, Npower-selected applicants must download and print PPA/deployment letter and take it to the supervisor at your place of the primary assignment before three days from the date of deployment. When your PPA supervisor screens your documents (credentials), they will tick the box to accept or reject it.


Furthermore, if you are accepted, please scan the Deployment letter, which is now your Acceptance Letter, with your smartphone or at any business center, and upload it back to the NASIMS dashboard Portal.

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If you do not upload this letter to the portal right away. You are very likely to be unable to complete your Npower deployment. Now follow this step on this article to complete the uploading of the letter.

How to Upload Npower Acceptance Letter 2021

Once your Deployment Letter or PPA Letter has been signed and accepted by your supervisor, it is time to upload it back to the NASIMS Portal.

Here are some simple steps you can take to accomplish that;

  • Scan the signed letter.
  • Go to to log in to your NASIMS Portal.
  • On your dashboard, upload the signed letter.

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