Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: How to Fix it (Working 100%)

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: How to Fix it (Working 100%)


Here on this webpage, you will find a solution to Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked. However, you will see a detailed explanation of what to do when your IP address is blocked.

No matter where you work, browsing the internet and using online services can be challenging. Sometimes, your IP address may be banned or unavailable. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these limitations and get the data you need.

There are several ways to bypass IP address blocking. There are other ways to maneuver the block, even if there is no direct way to unblock your IP address. It doesn’t matter what restrictions your network administrator has set on your network, using these on this webpage will allow you to access and browse the website you need.

Why Is My IP Address Blocked

It could be that you have tried to access a website that has blocked access from your location, you have tried to log in too many times, your IP address meets the criteria for blocking access, or you have violated a policy.

A website may blacklist/block your IP address if your IP address is seen as spam or if you log in too frequently. If the ban was just temporary, you have the option of waiting 24 hours or looking up your name on a public list to see if you’ve been blacklisted.

Reasons Why Your IP Address Got Blocked

Geo-graphical ban

IP addresses can also be blocked if they are used in a prohibited region or in a country that has not been granted access. It is also possible for the IP address to be restricted to a state level for legal reasons.

Policy violation

Any activity from the IP address can also result in an IP address being blocked if it violates the firewall or server rules. As a result, the IP address will be blocked for security reasons.

Multiple Login Attempts

The firewall reacts and blocks the IP address if a user tries to log on more times than expected using an incorrect username/password combination. Fraudsters attempt to guess the correct login information to carry out illegal activity.

Illegal Activity

A server can also block an IP address if certain activities are deemed suspicious or disruptive.

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: How to Fix it

To fix or bypass your blocked IP address follow the step-by-step guide below.


Give It Time

Some websites temporarily block IP addresses. For example, if you have tried to log in too many times using invalid information, you may be blocked or banned for 24 hours before you are allowed to try again. You can wait a day or check the website’s terms of service for details.

Contact Network Provider or the Webmasters

In case you cannot find any information about the reason your IP address was blocked on the website’s terms of use, you can contact the administrator of the website, especially if it is a small site that interacts extensively with its users.

Furthermore, the website administrator will be able to explain to you why your IP address is blocked and what you can do about it. You can also contact your network provider to know if the problem is from their end.

Check if your IP Address is Blacklisted

The IP address blacklists of many websites are publicly accessible. These lists are often compiled because of known spammers, and blocking the IP addresses can help website owners get rid of Bot visitors and stop spam abuse. It is possible, however, that one of these blacklists has mistakenly included your IP address.

Moreover, you can check your IP address at Your IP address is checked automatically, and if it appears on any of these lists, the site will notify you.

Using a VPN service

A VPN service can mask your IP address for a fee. VPN services usually charge a monthly fee to be able to use their services securely. Once you have subscribed to a VPN service, you can access the Internet using your username and password.

Change your IP address

Get a new IP address for your home network if you are blocked or cannot be taken off a blacklist. However, you can change your network carrier or network provider.

Use a free proxy server

Use a public proxy server. Before you do that remember that many websites and services prohibit IP addresses from public proxy servers. Search the web by typing “free web proxy” to find a free proxy. By entering the website URL into the proxy website after finding the service, you can access the website.

Try to Update Your Computer

It is essential to ensure your computer has the latest updates, which frequently fix security flaws, and network problem bugs, and also keep your device safe from malware.

Use a different Wi-Fi network Connection

You can regain access to the website or service by connecting to a new network, which will give you a different IP address.



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